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Several commonly used stamping die finishing methods

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  1. Method of finishing stamping die
  2. Manual grinding and polishing

Traditional mold surface processing methods mainly rely on the experience and technology of operators. Manual polishing is time-consuming and inefficient. Some complex surfaces or joints are difficult to handle.

  1. Mechanical finishing, grinding

Commonly used grinding equipment includes surface grinders, internal and external circular grinders and tool grinders. To ensure that, CNC machining is generally used. Choose the appropriate type of grinding machine according to the shape of the different parts, choose the surface grinder for plate parts, and use the internal and external cylindrical grinder or tool grinder for the curved and turning surface parts.

  1. Machining, CNC milling machine

Among them, the surface processing method of stamping die not only has fast processing efficiency, but also has good processing quality. Except for the inner acute angle cavity and the extremely narrow cavity, it can be competent in other aspects. It has become the mainstream process of stamping die processing abroad, and my country is also actively developing it.

  1. There are also some non-mechanical finishing methods, such as: ultrasonic machining, EDM polishing, laser finishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, etc.

Stamping die processing manufacturers also need to have more characteristics of stamping dies and the difficulty of machining accuracy. Choosing the appropriate finishing method can save costs and effectively improve production efficiency. Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical is a mold processing manufacturer that produces stamping dies, continuous stamping dies, metal stamping dies, continuous dies, school tool dies, etc. Friends who need to process dies are welcome to contact us!

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