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Measures for Uneven Stripes on the Surface of Metal Stamping Parts

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In the process of stamping, uneven stripes will appear on the surface of metal stamping parts, which will affect the surface quality and overall strength of stamping parts, and even scrap the products in serious cases. That is why this problem occurs, and what measures can be taken to effectively control and avoid it? Let’s get to know.

It is mainly to improve the friction characteristics between metal stamping parts and tools, improve the stiffness of the whole system, increase the damping of the system, and reduce the cutting load. Specific measures are as follows for your reference:

  1. Use appropriate tools and stamping raw materials, and select appropriate tools for different metal stamping materials, so that the mutual friction system between tools and workpieces and the difference between dynamic and static friction coefficients of tools and workpieces are as small as possible.
  2. Adding cutting fluid with good performance can better improve the friction characteristics of tools and precision parts.
  3. Improve the stiffness of the system: increase the stiffness of the whole process, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.
  4. Reduce the length of the tool extending out of the tool rest, thicken the tool handle, and improve the rigidity of the tool rest.
  5. To increase the damping of the system, materials with large internal damping can be selected as the supporting parts, or high damping materials can be added to the components or damping links can be used to reduce the occurrence of vibration.
  6. Reduce the length diameter ratio of stamping parts, and use intermediate supports such as center frame to increase the rigidity of the workpiece.
  7. Properly thicken the diameter of the transmission lead screw in the feed mechanism, shorten the length of the lead screw, etc., improve the transmission stiffness of the feed mechanism, try to eliminate the gap between the transmission components in the feed mechanism, give the transmission of the feed mechanism, and improve the stiffness of the machine tool transmission system.
  8. The ball screw is used to replace the ordinary thread screw, the liquid friction is used to replace the boundary or dry friction, and special lubricating oil is used to improve the sensitivity of the feed system by improving the friction performance of the machine tool transmission system, so as to reduce the occurrence of the vibration of the metal stamping parts.
  9. In the process of metal stamping, when the feed speed is low and there is vibration, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately, analyze the causes of the phenomenon, and take targeted effective measures to eliminate the phenomenon, so as to ensure the normal metal stamping process.
  10. Reduce the load of cutting and improve the vibration of metal precision stamping parts during cutting by reducing the amount of back cutting and reducing the weight of each transmission component.

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