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How do automobile stamping parts processing manufacturers check stamping parts?

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  1. Touch check: Wipe the outer surface of the cover with a clean gauze. Inspectors need to wear touch gloves and touch the surface of the metal stamping in the longitudinal direction. This inspection method depends on the inspector’s experience.

2. Oil inspection: A clean brush applies oil evenly to the entire outer surface of the metal stamping. Check oiled stampings under bright light. This way, small dimples, depressions and ripples on the stamped part can be easily found.

3. Flexible gauze polishing of metal stamping parts: Use flexible gauze to approach the outer surface of metal stamping parts in the longitudinal direction, and polish the entire surface, and it is easy to find any pitting and indentation.

4. Polishing with oil stone: first wipe the outer cover with a clean gauze, then polish with oil stone, and use a relatively small oil stone for arc areas and hard-to-reach areas. Special local areas can also be supplemented with lateral grinding.

5. Appearance inspection: It is mainly used to find abnormal appearance and macroscopic defects of stamping parts.

Today, the market competition of automotive metal stamping parts has entered a peak period. In order to win customers, many manufacturers put their energy into the price war, and even spare no effort to reduce the production cost without bottom line in order to win the price war. This marketing method will definitely be eliminated by the society. Even temporary volunteering will still not go far, and it will even bring unnecessary economic and reputation losses to future cooperation. Good quality control is the basis for the rapid development of stamping parts processing plants.

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