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Key Points for Use of Continuous Stamping Die

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The manufacturers of precision stamping parts choose to use the continuous stamping die when stamping, which has the advantages of high mass production efficiency, easy to realize automation, and low cost. At the same time, we should not forget the key points of using the continuous stamping die to avoid affecting the quality of stamping products and the service life of the stamping die

  1. The metal stamping parts need to be suitable for continuous die stamping. First, the batch size should be large enough, the feeding accuracy and the cumulative error between each work step should be designed reasonably, and the accuracy of the parts should not be reduced. The parts with complex shape and difficult to locate after punching are usually stamped with continuous die, which is ideal for z;
  2. The press used for the continuous die should have sufficient strength, stiffness, accuracy and other factors, and the stroke should not be too large to ensure that the guidance system does not disengage during operation, generally working at less than 80% of the nominal pressure;
  3. Stamping materials should have good mechanical properties. Each batch of incoming materials should be inspected and tested according to the regulations. Only when the materials are straight can they be put into production. The quality of materials directly affects the production of metal stamping parts;
  4. Key points of design, manufacture and maintenance of continuous die for metal stamping parts. Due to the complex structure of the continuous die, its manufacturing accuracy is higher than that of general dies. After each batch of production, inspection and maintenance are required. Only qualified parts can be put into the die warehouse. Some small accessories and inserts need to be replaced in time after wear; If the mold has been ground, the corresponding other parts should also be ground equally to ensure the same height, which is required to be consistent with the relative difference of the original design. Therefore, the level of the mold workers and special equipment should also be equipped.

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