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Influence of Die Clearance on Stamping Parts

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As stamping parts manufacturers know, stamping requires reasonable blanking clearance, which can achieve better section quality, higher dimensional accuracy, smaller blanking force and higher die life. Now let’s understand the influence of die clearance.

The relationship between the customized die clearance and blanking force of stamping parts. The smaller the clearance, the greater the blanking force. On the contrary, increasing the clearance can reduce the blanking force. When the clearance is reasonable, the upper and lower cracks coincide, and the large z blanking force will be smaller;

The accuracy of stamping parts refers to the error value between the actual size and the basic size. The smaller the difference, the higher the accuracy. When the gap is large, the material will be larger under the tensile action. After stamping, the material will have elastic recovery, and the size of the blanking part will be smaller than the die size. When the gap is small, the elastic recovery of the material will make the size of the blanking part larger and the hole diameter smaller;

During the processing and customization of stamping parts, the pressure on the die edge is very large, which causes local adhesion and wear when it contacts with materials. When the gap is small, the contact pressure becomes larger and the distance is longer, leading to accelerated wear of the die. When the gap is large, the material tension increases relatively, and the positive pressure on the end face of the die edge increases, which is easy to cause tool breakage or deformation, leading to die wear.

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