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How to effectively prevent punching noise

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  1. How to prevent stamping noise

1. Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the mold, and keep the cutting edge sharp.

2. The shape, quantity, material and punching line of the die blade are longer. The contact surface between the die edge and the part should not be too large. The punch adopts inclined edge step punching, so that the cutting depth of the die at different positions is different, and the real cutting of the whole process is realized, rather than simultaneous extrusion.

3. The die edge must be perpendicular to the installation surface, and the matching clearance of the convex and concave die edges should be reasonable. When unloading is difficult, the lower die gap can be increased, the unloading force can be increased, and methods such as soft-surface unloading plates can be used.

4. The matching accuracy between the working templates and some exhaust grooves are processed.

5. The baffle is changed to small pieces, and the stripper and lower formwork are changed to inserts to reduce the attack area.

6. The source of the ejection top of the stripper plate is changed to a T-shaped ejector rod, the spring is installed on the upper die seat, and the equal-height sleeve is matched with the ejector rod to ensure that the stripper plate still has a certain degree of free movement when the mold is opened.

7. Maintain good lubrication, the mold is smooth, and there is no interference.

8. The aluminum plates on the surface of the upper and lower die bases are used for punching buffers.

9. After the mold is debugged, install a sound insulation cover or a sponge board on the punch for sound insulation.

10. Improve the precision of the punch press and reduce the structure noise. The buffering vibration damping and noise reduction oil cylinder is installed on the worktable, the helical teeth are lubricated, and the gear cover is installed in the pneumatic system.

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