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How long is the service life of auto parts?

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As we all know, everything has a lifespan, and so do cars. As a kind of high-end consumer goods, many parts of the car are aging year by year since the date of use, which affects the overall service life of the car. Just like people, the parts of the car, like the various organs of the human body, require long-term maintenance and maintenance. So, how long is the service life of each part of the car? Below, the editor of Zhejiang Balford Electromechanical will take you to find out!

1. Engine

As the “heart” of a car, the engine plays an important role. Generally speaking, the engine life of a car is about 10 to 15 years. Under the premise of paying attention to daily maintenance, the car engine is not easy to be damaged and scrapped. Therefore, drivers should pay attention to maintaining good driving habits when driving at ordinary times to avoid abnormal operation of the engine. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, technology and materials are more refined and practical than before, and the service life of the engine has been extended. If the owner maintains the car every day, it will not be a problem for a long time.

2. Brake pads

In addition to handbrake braking, most car braking systems rely on foot brakes, and the brake pads include front and rear brake pads. The wear and tear of brake pads is closely related to normal car braking. If the brake pads are damaged or abnormal, their working state will directly affect the normal driving of the driver. Since the front part of the car generally weighs more than the rear part, the force acts to move forward during emergency braking, so the loss of the front brake pads is generally greater than that of the rear brake pads. Under normal circumstances, the mileage of the front brake pads is about 40,000 kilometers, and the rear brake pads are about 80,000 kilometers, forming a significant difference.

  1. Seat belt

Seat belts are the direct “life rope” for passengers, and it is the most commonly used and most overlooked auto accessory. The average lifespan of a car seat belt is not high, about three years. With time and frequent use, its protective effect will become weaker and weaker, especially after the service life. With the passage of time, the seat belt cannot firmly grasp the occupants in the car, and there will be problems such as falling off, slipping, or even the lock is not firm. It cannot protect personal safety at a critical moment, affecting normal safe travel, and the consequences are serious.

4. Airbags

Like the seat belt mentioned above, the car airbag is a protective measure for the safety of the occupants in the car. They can protect us in critical moments of imminent danger. Seat belts control our body to fly out of the car from strong impact, and airbags can reduce the impact of impact on the body, both play an absolutely important role in protection. The service life of the airbag is generally about 10 years, but it is set up to prevent sudden danger, so it cannot be used in most cases.

In daily life, some vehicles cannot work smoothly due to their long service life and the airbags exceed their service life, and cannot handle emergency situations, causing serious losses. Most car owners are reminded not to forget to check the airbags regularly. Now the automotive market has also developed vehicles with multiple airbag configurations in response to this problem, which has won a lot of praise. Friends who have the intention to buy a car but have not yet bought a car also suggest paying more attention to the number of airbags when choosing a new car to improve travel safety.

The above four are actually directly related parts of the life of the car and the people in the car. Their presence ensures the safety of life and can play a rescue role at a critical moment. They need to be taken seriously in our daily lives, with frequent inspections and maintenance. As the old saying goes “the body is the capital of the revolution”, the car also has life, and the parts are in good condition, so that the car can be “healthy”!

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