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Four common shapes and characteristics of parts in the processing of drawing parts

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  1. Deformation characteristics of cylindrical parts.

In the process of sheet stretching, the deformation area is the edge part of the sheet, and the other parts are the transmission area, which does not participate in the main deformation; under the action of tangential pressure and radial tensile stress, the blank produces tangential compression under certain conditions And the radial extension is always under tension and is always limited by compression deformation parameters and ultimate deformation performance.

2. The deformation characteristics of the box.

The deformation characteristics are the same as for the cylindrical simple part. The difference is that the shape is always under tension and always under compression, and the distribution around the blank is uneven, the rounded corners are deformed greatly, and the straight edge is less deformed; around the blank, the parts with a large degree of deformation and a small degree of deformation affect each other.

3. Deformation characteristics of surface parts.

The outer perimeter of the blank is the deep-drawing deformation zone that is always under tension and always under compression; the middle part of the blank is the bulging zone of bidirectional tensile stress.

4. Deformation characteristics of non-rotating surface parts.

The deformation area of ​​the flange blank consists of an epitaxial deep drawing deformation area and an inner bulging deformation area, but these two deformations are unevenly distributed around the blank; when the curved convex edge part is deep drawn, there is still shear deformation.

The above content about the shape of the parts processed by the drawn parts, no matter what kind of parts are processed, the quality of the drawn parts is an important issue that cannot be ignored. High-quality stretched parts should be made of high-quality metal or non-metallic plates; secondly, the surface of the raw materials should not be damaged during stamping; one point is that a high-quality stretched product must have high dimensional accuracy. I hope the above content can be helpful to readers.

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