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How to extend the service life of stamping and drawing parts?

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  1. How to prolong the service life of stamping and drawing parts?

1. After the stamping and drawing parts are installed and used, the stamping parts must be strictly inspected, the dirt must be removed, and the guide sleeves and molds of the stamping parts must be carefully checked whether they are well lubricated.

2. Install the mold on the turntable according to the installation steps of the mold to ensure that the direction of the mold and the mold is consistent, especially the direction (non-circular and square) required for the stamping part is larger. Take care to prevent assembly errors and backlash.

3. When the punch of the stamping part and the edge of the die are worn, it should be stopped in time for grinding. Otherwise, the wear degree of the die edge will expand rapidly, the die wear will be accelerated, and the quality of stamping parts and die life will be reduced.

4. Regularly check the punch turntable and die mounting seat to ensure the coaxial accuracy of both sides of the turntable.

5. When the mold is installed, softer metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) should be used to make operating tools to avoid damage to the drawing parts during the installation process.

The mold structure is reasonable, the manufacturing precision is high, the heat treatment effect is good, the punch selection of the deep drawing parts is correct, the installation accuracy is high, and the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of the mold are also important factors. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the adverse effects of various factors on the service life of tensile stamping parts, and take effective measures to improve its service life.

In the production process of stretched parts, there will be many bad problems. Next, we analyze these issues.

Second, the common bad problems in the production process of tensile parts

1. The effect of stretching depth

The distribution of the flow resistance of the drawn material along the die is directly related to the drawing depth. Above the position of the inner concave and outer convex curves, the drawing depth of the stretcher is too large, resulting in uneven distribution of deformation resistance and wrinkling, which should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Adjust the blank holder force

When the wrinkles around the part appear evenly, it should be judged that the pressing force is insufficient, and the pressing force can be gradually increased to remove it. When the tensile part stretches the conical part and the hemispheric part, most of the data is in the suspended state. The side wall is prone to wrinkling, so in addition to increasing the blank holder force, the precision stamping parts processing plant should also choose to increase the pick-up rib to increase the radial tensile stress in the sheet, thereby eliminating wrinkling.

3. The influence of the radius of the die fillet

If the radius of the fillet of the die of the drawing part is too large, the flow of the blank into the die through the fillet of the die is the smaller the tortuous resistance of the tortuous deformation. The smaller the tortuous resistance, the easier it is to cause wrinkling to occur. The smaller the radius of the die, the greater the bending resistance of the bending deformation, and the less likely it is to wrinkle, but it is easy to cause cracking and hair pulling of the stretched parts.

The main reasons for the wrinkling of the stretched parts obtained through a lot of practical experience in production are the accumulation of materials during the stretching process and the excessive speed of local material movement. When formulating a solution, the precision stamping parts processing plant should consider and adjust the corresponding structure of the mold from the perspective of more than one aspect, which will get a good effect.

The above is the relevant content about the service life and defects of stamping and drawing parts. Stamping and drawing parts are widely used in daily life. In order to properly prolong the service life of stamping and drawing parts, we also need careful maintenance. Hope the above content is helpful to readers.

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