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Do you know what are the common mold processing methods?

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  1. Can use CAD mold processing method

When processing molds, a common method is the mold CAD method. When processing molds, this method generally adopts some ready-made mold standards to directly process molds. Because there are many products in design, the appearance is very similar, so in processing When making molds, for these products with small differences in appearance, some existing mold standards can be directly selected for processing and manufacturing, so that the molds can be manufactured faster. This manufacturing method is suitable for many mold processing and manufacturing, and some integrated technologies can be used when manufacturing molds.

Second, you can choose the die CAD mold processing method

When manufacturing molds by this method, it is somewhat similar to the first method, but it is improved on the basis of the previous method. When using this method to process and manufacture molds, some blanks are used, and the blanks are further optimized, so that the utilization rate of the manufactured molds is higher. When using this method to manufacture molds, due to the different requirements of each part, the methods used are also different in the stamping process. Using this method can greatly improve the utilization rate of blank materials.

3. You can choose the mold processing method of computer layout

With the continuous development of science and technology, computers play an increasingly important role in people’s lives. When people process and make molds, they can use the computer to lay out the layout and lay out several different styles through the computer. When using a computer for nesting, people can use two different nesting methods: semi-automatic and fully automatic. These two different nesting methods use different algorithms and characteristics. The entire production process can be completed more efficiently during processing.

Fourth, the stamping die processing method can be used

When manufacturing the mold, people can also use some mathematical models to describe the mold, and then use the stamping process to process and manufacture the mold. When this method is used, the precision of the manufactured mold can be higher. , the structure of each part is more perfect, and the strength of the mold can be relatively strong. By stamping the mold in an all-round way, the manufactured mold can more meet the needs of people.

There are many different mold processing methods, and people can choose different methods according to their needs for molds.

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