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Deep Drawn Stamping Process

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Although it can be modified to make specific parts, our in-depth drawing process usually follows the same five steps: 1. Design review: Our engineers review the part of the design in detail to ensure that it is suitable for deep drawing. This includes in-depth analysis of component dimensions, materials, stretch ratios, and required tolerances. .

2. Press selection: Our engineers decide which machine size and caliber is most suitable for the size and material of the parts. .

3. Virtual 3D prototype: Use virtual software to create the prototype of the part. Before the production process begins, the prototype needs to capture any design problems through a large number of operational simulations. .

4. Equipment setup: Our skilled engineers review the size and requirements of the components, and set the mold and punch. .

5. Drawing process: Place the metal plate or metal blank on the die and fix it. Then start the press and press the punch against the die with a force of up to 400 tons. Repeat this process until the part reaches the required size and shape.

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