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Zhejiang Balford Mechatronics Co., ltd focus on difficult stamping & deep drawing. Main product: motor housing and difficult custom deep drawn stampings.

Customized deep drawing

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Our commitment is to provide you with tailored, high-quality, reliable parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies that meet co-built specifications. For this, we rely on our 30 manual and automatic presses from 6 to 350 tons, more than 12,000 molds and more than 2,000 square meters of workshop and storage space.

stamping can handle the most demanding industries: agricultural equipment, aviation, railways, automotive, defense, machine building, electric motors, pumps, food processing, electronics, machinery subcontracting, nuclear power, energy, environment…

The pressing process makes it possible to design a wide variety of industrial parts.

Various shapes of parts: -drawings
Standard or special gasket on-lid-lid- the lid and surface of the gauge- many metal mechanical partsIndustrial products of various sizes:Standard, Standardized or Drawing. Thickness: between 0.2mm and 6mm (depending on material).

different materials stamping:

– Cold Rolled Sheet, Hot Rolled Sheet, Galvanized Sheet
– Stainless Steel-
– brass
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About deep drawing

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