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Causes of deformation in metal stamping

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Hardware stamping processes include blanking, bending, stretching, forming, etc. Common processing materials include stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials. Hardware stamping manufacturers will encounter some quality problems during stamping, such as deformation. Next, Xiaobian will explain the reasons for the deformation of metal stamping.

  1. Stereo pressing: redistribute the volume and transfer the material to change the blank shape or height thickness.
  2. Bending: turn the flat sheet into a bending part, further change the shape of the bending part, including bending, curling, twisting, etc.
  3. Rolling: Punch the flat blank into the hollow part of the required shape, or further change the size of the hollow part.
  4. Cutting and blanking: unclosed or unclosed to separate part of the material from another part, including blanking, punching, trimming, cutting, sectioning, cutting, etc.
  5. Forming: change the shape of the workpiece or blank with local deformation of various properties. The forming deformation includes undulating forming, flanging, necking, protruding belly, rolling and shaping.

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