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What is the difference between metal stamping blanking and punching?

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Blanking can also be directly understood as re-cutting on small or medium-sized metal sheets cut from large pieces.

Most metal stamping formulas often punch the project before doing other things. After the blanking is completed, the processing manufacturer will perform other metal stamping stages, such as extrusion and bending.

Effective blanking can further improve our production capacity and efficiency. For example, when there are large quantities of orders, the blanking method is not only simple and convenient in the production process, but also the materials produced are of relatively high quality and high precision.

It is true that common problems such as uneven edges, burrs, etc. still occur during the day-to-day manufacturing process, but there are solutions for such situations as well, such as thermal deburring, manual deburring and/or vibration methods to remove .

For professional metal stamping processing plants, this is not a major problem. Baifudu Electromechanical Metal Stamping Processing Factory has a variety of processing technologies to support the production and processing of precision parts of various diameters and materials. The materials include copper, iron , stainless steel, aluminum, etc., can process 0.01 × 0.01 round, square, special-shaped and complex three-dimensional surfaces.

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