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What are the procedures and principles of die assembly for metal stamping parts?

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In fact, the key to stamping die assembly is how to ensure that the relative positions of the convex and concave dies installed on the upper and lower die seats and related components can work normally, and stamping workpieces that meet product requirements.

Therefore, it should be mentioned that the various parts to be assembled must meet the processing requirements of the assembly process for various parts; for example, the relative position dimensional accuracy and step distance accuracy of each hole must be consistent with the die and stripper; the backing plate The bolts and pins on the hole leave a large gap through the hole, which can be drilled according to the pattern size. After quenching, the upper and lower surfaces should be strictly flat.

In addition to meeting the pattern requirements, the integral concave die installed on the upper die base or the lower die base should also be machined with bolt holes and pin holes. After heat treatment and finishing, it is put into assembly, and the fixed die base and guide plate should be connected. When assembling, drilling and reaming should be carried out according to the corresponding holes on the die; based on this, although the die types and structural characteristics of metal stamping parts are different, the assembly method and installation sequence are also different, but the assembly principles to be followed are the same of.

When assembling the metal stamping part mold, it is first necessary to select the assembly reference part, use it as the assembly reference of the metal stamping part mold, and then gradually assemble other mold parts according to the reference part. The choice of the reference part depends on the structural characteristics of the metal stamping part die. The guide plate die should be selected as the guide plate that doubles as the stripper plate as the assembly reference part. The metal stamping part dies guided by the guide post usually use the concave die as the assembly reference part. The blanking and punching compound die selects the ejector plate as the assembly reference part, and the center of the die handle is the prerequisite for the alignment of the output center point of the ejector plate.

After selecting the reference parts, assemble the components of the metal stamping part mold into a composite part according to the separate connection relationship between them, and then assemble the metal stamping part mold with the reference part as the assembly reference.

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