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solutions after Metal Stamping deformation

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In the process of metal stamping, we often encounter the deformation of stamping parts. So how to avoid the deformation of stamping parts when the deformation of metal stamping parts occurs?

Main factors of deformation and scrap of metal stamping parts:

1. Due to the long shock and vibration time, the fastening part is loose, the installation position of the stamping die has changed relatively, and the operator’s negligence has not been carried out in accordance with the operating procedures.

2. Improper installation adjustment and use of a die.

3. Poor quality of raw materials.

4. Clearance and reaction forces do not produce moments on the line. The main reason is that the gap between punch and death is too large. The concave edge of the die has an inverted cone or the contact area between the ejector and the workpiece. 1. In the structure of the stamping die, the pressure plate should be connected to the pressure plate in contact with a certain pressure.

2. Reasonable selection of blank clearance.

3. When the blanking part has a complex shape and there are multiple internal holes, if the cutting force increases unevenly, press the strip or use a high-precision press before blanking, the cutting force is uneven, and the blanking force is determined by the blanking The complex shape and multiple inner holes are added.

4. If the edge of the die is found to have a reverse taper, the edge of the die must be properly trimmed;

5. Regularly clean the stolen goods in the mold cavity, lubricate the surface of the metal plate, and there are oil and gas passage holes in the mold structure.

6. Flatten the paper before punching. If warping is still not eliminated, the punching workpiece can be leveled again by leveling the mold;

We know that the output of aluminum alloy stamping parts in China is very large. In addition to the huge demand for automobiles and other industries, we are constantly expanding the field of use. It is understood that at present, the scale of China’s IT industry is very large, especially the production capacity of the IT industry is very strong. Its various types of mobile phones and other equipment must not only meet domestic demand, but must also be exported to a large number of foreign countries.

As mentioned earlier, stamping parts have huge performance advantages in areas such as automotive engines, and have become indispensable metal die castings in these areas. These benefits have been applied to the IT industry. Our company also sells Al Alloy Stamping Plates. Welcome to consult.

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