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Selection of stamping process plan

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A stamping part usually has many stamping process plans to choose from. If you want to choose a good scheme, you should consider all factors comprehensively, and then choose a suitable one that is more reasonable in technology and economy. Zhejiang Balford Precision Stamping Co., Ltd., a manufacturer with rich experience in stamping and precision stretching, come to talk about it.

The best processing scheme for stamping parts is always relative; This is related to the specific production conditions of the stamping factory. Therefore, when determining the stamping process plan, we should start from the existing production conditions, ensure the quality of stamping products and meet the production batch requirements, and complete the stamping process in an economical and reasonable way.

In addition, for some combined stamping parts or stamping parts with special requirements, after analyzing the process nature, quantity sequence and process combination mode of stamping parts processing, non stamping auxiliary processes, such as drilling, turning and other mechanical processing processes, welding, riveting, heat treatment, surface treatment, cleaning and deburring, should also be considered.

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