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Production quality control of metal stamping parts

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The application of metal stamping parts is very extensive. With the development of science and technology, the requirements for metal stamping parts are also increasing. In order to obtain high-quality stamping products and economic benefits, stamping manufacturers should strictly control the production quality of stamping parts. Now let’s look at the quality requirements for bending parts and stretching parts.

1、 Requirements for bending parts

  1. The shape of bending parts shall be symmetrical as far as possible, and the bending radius shall not be less than the allowable z small bending radius of materials.
  2. Avoid hole deformation when bending punched parts with holes
  3. The curved edge is too short to be formed, so the straight part of the curved edge should be H>2 δ。 If H is required to be very short, an appropriate allowance shall be reserved to increase H, and the added metal shall be cut after bending.

2、 Requirements for stretch pieces

  1. The shape of the stretching piece shall be simple and symmetrical, and the depth shall not be too large. In order to reduce the number of drawing, easy to shape.
  2. The fillet radius of the extruded part shall not be increased without adding the process procedure. Otherwise, it will increase the times of drawing and shaping, increase the number of molds, and easily produce waste products and increase costs.

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