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Notes on Stamping Die Assembly

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First, the upper and lower die bases of the stamping die are installed. The upper mold base is mounted on the punch or press, and the lower mold base is mounted on the working surface of the punch or press. After the upper and lower mold bases are fixed, the mold parts can be mounted on the mold base to ensure the correct and accurate installation position, so as to avoid errors and the mold can not work normally. When installing the concave-convex mold, a uniform blanking gap is required to ensure the quality of the stamping and extend the service life of the stamping die. The assembly sequence of the upper and lower moulds should be determined according to the mould structure. Different installation methods are determined for mold installation with and without guide columns. For complex Stamping Mould installations, a reasonable assembly sequence is determined based on the size of the upper and lower mold parts. Sometimes the improper installation sequence not only affects the subsequent installation work, but also may not be installed, so the correct installation sequence is essential.

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