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Maintenance method of hardware accessories

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1. Do not place high temperature tea cups or other high temperature items directly on furniture hardware accessories (glass, stainless steel, metal handles, etc.). Use a tripod, heat shield, etc.

2Keep the hardware accessories clean, inadvertently causing water stains on the surface after use, etc. should be wiped dry after use, often keeping the surface clean and dry.

3Do not use sharp, hard objects to scratch the surface, apply a wet cloth scrub or wet cloth with neutral detergent or detergent treatment, after dry water has been applied.

4The surface has serious stains or scratches, fire and burns can be lightly ground with fine sandpaper (400-500), and then scrubbed with a scouring pad.

5Metal rails, hinges, hinges, etc. should be lubricated regularly to maintain bright lubrication. Do not hit hard objects or scratch the surface of hardware parts with a sharp object to avoid contact with features such as hydrochloric acid, salt, and salt.

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