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Introduction to 6 Stripping Methods of Stamping Bending Die

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Introduction to 6 Stripping Methods of stamping Bending Die

There are 6 kinds of stripping methods of bending die for stamping, and the stamping parts processing manufacturer will introduce them to you. Balford Precision Stamping, a manufacturer of precision stamping, stretch forming and precision machining for 20 years, provides one-stop services for mold development and design, stamping, deep drawing and automatic assembly. With rich experience, you are welcome to consult and customize.

  1. Through type stripping

As long as the requirement for flatness of the bottom plane is not high, the box stamping parts with the folding height less than 1/3 of the ram stroke can adopt the through stripping structure. The material rebound is used to realize the stripping, and the die is required to have good rigidity. The advantages are high working efficiency and easy to realize automation, but stamping parts with high requirements for flatness of bottom plane or no scratch at the folding position are not suitable for use.

  1. Ejecting discharging

It is mainly used for U-shaped bending die. The ejector plate is shaped with the discharge end face of the workpiece, and is placed at the bottom of the cavity. The power is provided by the spring, elastic rubber or the return stroke of the press slider.

  1. Pulling hook discharging

Taking advantage of the wall thickness difference before and after forming, the workpiece can be separated from the punch by installing a draw hook on the female die. When designing this stripping method, it needs to be used together with the ejector plate. Suitable for small pieces and workpieces with small bending depth.

  1. Discharging of the striking rod

It is suitable for workpieces with large area and large bending depth. Powered by the punch bar, the workpiece is pushed away from the punch by the punch plate when the punch rises. The structure drawing and layout of the die are the same as those of the inverted blanking die.

  1. Axial discharge

It is applicable to closed loop and open loop workpieces with straight central axis, not applicable to workpieces with curved central axis. Under the action of spring force, when the punch descends, the stripper retracts, and when the punch returns, the roller drives the stripper forward to push the workpiece away from the punch.

  1. Pin ejection stripping

It is used together with the ejector plate, and is suitable for stamping parts with large bottom area and high flatness requirements. A strong spring is used behind the pin to provide pressure. After the upper die pressure is released, the pin resets under the action of the spring and pushes the stamping part away from the punch,

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