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How to ensure the continuity of aluminum casing stamping?

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In the production process of aluminum casing, stamping is a very important process. However, with the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for aluminum casings, if the improvement of the production process is not enough to achieve the refined production of the stamping department, it is necessary to further improve the continuity in the production, so that the stamping department can be realized. At the same time of refined production, it can also effectively ensure product quality. So how should we ensure the continuity of aluminum casing stamping? The following editor will introduce to you:

The methods to ensure the continuity of the stamping of the aluminum casing are as follows:

1. Make preparations for the stamping of the aluminum casing:

Carefully and carefully understand the structure and size of the product, check whether all aspects of the punch and die can operate normally, carefully hold a meeting to list and explain each element and step before stamping a new product, and consider the possible downtime factors during production.

2. Reduce the defects of aluminum casing during stamping:

Pay close attention to the phenomenon of waste products produced during production, analyze the reasons for the defective products, find out the root cause, and then summarize the methods to solve the problem completely.

3. Reduce or eliminate downtime when stamping aluminum casings:

Machine tools and molds are repaired as soon as there is a problem, that is, immediate repairs; operators and mold room masters maintain machine tools and molds every day, that is, routine repairs, such as using mold trial methods to predict potential failures and ensure production equipment. And machine tools will not be downtime due to failures, that is, preventive maintenance.

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