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How to choose stamping and drawing die materials?

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  1. Selection of drawing die materials

1. The selection of stamping and drawing die materials should consider the batch production of the workpiece. If the batch is small, there is no need to choose a mold material with a long life; the material of the stamping workpiece should also be considered, and the mold materials suitable for different materials are also different.

2. For stamping and drawing dies, wear resistance is an important factor determining the life of the die. The wear resistance of steel depends on the state of hard spots such as carbides and the hardness of the matrix. The higher the hardness of the two, the higher the number of carbides, the better the wear resistance.

3. The advantage of poor wear resistance of commonly used stamping die steel is carbon tool steel – alloy tool steel – base steel – high carbon and high chromium steel – high speed steel – steel bonded carbide – carbide.

4. The selection of the drawing die material must consider the thickness, shape, size and precision requirements of the workpiece.  

Well, the above is related to the selection of stamping and drawing die materials. I hope the above content can help readers.

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