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Functions required for motor housing

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Precise tolerance, no leakage, compactness, wear resistance, etc. are the functions that the motor housing needs to have, so that it can protect the motor well and prevent various kinds of pollution. Why is it necessary? If some friends are not clear, Kuai and Yiwei’s precision editor should come together to learn more about 1. Precision tolerance

Since the internal components will release a large function, the electric power will be converted into mechanical rotary motion, and the magnetic field will be involved. The output motion and input power should be maintained very accurately, so each position of the component needs to be well positioned. The clearance between rotor, bearing, stator, air gap, winding and commutator shall be as small as possible.

  1. Wear resistance

When the motor is working, all the main components that transmit power need to rotate upwards, which forces the relevant supporting parts of the part to contact the inner side of the shell continuously with mechanical power. The contact surface is easy to wear due to long-time operation. However, the surface of aluminum alloy is very smooth and the roughness is very small, which can significantly reduce the conflict between contact surfaces and prolong the working life.

  1. Good air tightness

There are two aspects to consider about no leakage. One is about the bubbles inside the motor housing. In this case, it should be a strict standard. Second, the clearance after assembly should be very small, so as not to cause any lubricating oil to flow out of the sealed cylinder block.

  1. Compact

The main purpose of using motor is to obtain continuous and stable mechanical movement. In order to ensure the stable operation of the entire motor, the compact housing is not to be missed, and aluminum is the ideal choice for the industry. For mass production of conventional requirements, die casting solutions are cost-effective.

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