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Chip jumping and crushing in progressive die stamping

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Today, we are going to talk about a very common bad situation in progressive die stamping — chip jumping and crushing. What are the reasons for this, and what effective solutions can be taken to avoid affecting the quality and production efficiency of metal stamping products and causing losses to stamping manufacturers.

  1. Reasons

(1) The clearance is too large;

(2) Improper feeding;

(3) Punching oil drops too fast, and the oil is sticky;

(4) The punch is worn and chips are pressed on the punch;

(5) The punch is too short, and the length of inserted die is insufficient;

(6) The mold is not demagnetized;

(7) Hard material, simple punching shape;

(8) Emergency measures.

  1. Solutions

(1) Control the machining accuracy of punch and die or modify the design clearance;

(2) Trim the tape and clean the mold in time when it is sent to the proper position;

(3) Control the oil drop amount of stamping oil or change the oil type to reduce the viscosity;

(4) Studied the punch edge;

(5) Adjust the length of the punch edge into the die;

(6) Demagnetization is required after mold and research;

(7) Replace the material, modify the design, install ejecting or trim the inclined plane or arc (pay attention to the direction) on the end face of the punch edge, and reduce the fitting area between the end face of the punch edge and the scrap;

(8) Reduce the sharpness of the die edge, reduce the amount of research and study on the die edge, increase the roughness of the straight edge surface of the die, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb waste materials, reduce the impact speed, and slow down chip jumping.

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