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Why do metal stamping dies need to try out?

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After stamping and producing qualified samples, the performance and forming conditions of the mold have mastered the methods and rules of the product parts during the stamping process, which provides a reliable process design basis for the mass production of the mold. In the production of cold stamping dies in metal stamping parts factory, it is difficult to accurately calculate the size and shape of the blank before the blank is deformed, such as deformation, stretching, forming, cold extrusion and other product parts with complex shapes or high precision requirements. In order to obtain more accurate blank shape dimensions and material standards, qualified parts can only be determined by repeatedly debugging the mold.

In die design and process design, it is difficult to determine some process dimensions by calculation methods, such as complex protrusions of deep drawing die, rounded corners of concave die, geometry and size of certain parts. The metal stamping parts factory must carry out test punching and trimming at the same time, and the shape and size of the parts can only be determined after the qualified parts are punched out. After debugging, the problems, debugging and solutions exposed in the process, mold design and manufacturing are fed back to the relevant design and process departments to provide reference for the next design and manufacturing, and improve the level of mold design and processing. The metal stamping parts factory verified the quality and precision of the mold through the mold test, which provided the basis for future production.

The above is why metal stamping dies need to be tested before use. I hope it helps you. If you want to know more about stamping die, you can also pay attention to our website, we will update the information of stamping die from time to time!

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