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What stamping oil is used for precision stamping parts?

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Processing machinery parts, such as various stamping parts, sheet metal parts, welding parts, electronic devices, connectors, etc., with the development of social hardware products, so in the process of metal stamping processing, what is the selection principle of stamping oil products?

1. Silicon steel plate is a material that is easy to punch. Generally, to clean the workpiece, a low viscosity punching oil will be used to prevent punching burrs.

2. When selecting stamping oil for carbon steel plate, the best viscosity should be determined according to the difficulty of the process, the method of feeding the drawing oil and the degreasing.

3. Galvanized steel sheets will react chemically with chlorine-based additives, so when selecting stamping oil for galvanized steel sheets, attention should be paid to the possibility of white rust in chlorine-type stamping oil, and the use of Yida Borun sulfur-type stamping oil can avoid the occurrence of white rust. Rust problem, but should be degreased as soon as possible after stamping.

4. Stainless steel plate is a material that is prone to hardening, and requires the use of high oil film strength and anti-sintering tensile oil. Generally, stamping oil containing sulfur-chlorine compound additives is used to ensure extreme pressure performance while avoiding problems such as burrs and cracks in the workpiece.

5. Aluminum and aluminum alloy plates cannot use stamping oil containing chlorine and sulfur additives, preferably stamping oil with a neutral pH value.

The stamping oil suitable for the forming of thin plate parts of automobiles and motorcycles is a platen forming oil. It can also be used for the stretching and calendering of stainless steel parts. With the characteristics of high strength and high adhesion, single-type stamping and forming operations can be more effective. The surface finish and stretching effect of the workpiece are desirable and necessary oil for difficult mechanical stamping processing.

The stamping oil used in precision stamping parts plays a key role in the stamping process. Good cooling performance and extreme pressure and anti-wear performance have made a qualitative leap in the service life of the mold and the improvement of the accuracy of the workpiece. Depending on the material of the workpiece, the emphasis on the performance of stamping oil is also different.

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