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What is the reason for the die processing of the drawing die?

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During the processing of the drawing die, if the die clamping is not flexible enough, or there is a stuck situation, then the production should be stopped immediately, and the main reason for the stuck die should be found out and troubleshoot. Otherwise, it may expand the failure, resulting in mold damage.

First, the main reasons for the card mold are:

The mold is poorly guided and tilted. And there are foreign objects in the template, so that the template cannot be flatly attached; there is a problem with the strength design of the mold or uneven force. It will lead to the deformation of the mold, such as the hardness and thickness of the mold base and the template are too small, and it is very easy to be deformed by external force; the mold position is not installed correctly, and the positioning error of the upper and lower molds is too poor. Or the precision of the press is too low, causing the mold to interfere; the strength of the punch is low, and the position of the large and small punches is too close, which makes the lateral force of the mold unbalanced. At this time, the strength of the punch should be increased, and the guidance and protection of the stripper plate should be strengthened.

The above has explained the reasons for the occurrence of card molds in the processing of drawing molds, and different reasons will have different solutions, so we need to solve the problems in a targeted manner.

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