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What is the difference between precision stamping parts and ordinary stamping parts?

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  1. Processing of precision metal parts stamping parts Metal and plastic processing

1. Furniture hardware manufacturing is a process technology, which requires relatively high cooperation of various materials, mainly a relatively simple artificial assembly line production method. Purchasing management needs to focus on ensuring the timely delivery and quality of delivery of materials.

2. Some products have complex structure, although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs. When the operation cannot be mechanized on a large scale, reject rates and rejects can occur, simply having a negative impact on the entire production system.

3. Large consumption of working capital. As many hardware companies, the payment term is often dozens of days or months, and many companies’ funds are firmly fixed on the production line. In particular, foreign trade processing enterprises are highly competitive, and many customers use post-payment methods. In the case of price determination, furniture hardware enterprises are likely to lose greater profits due to changes in material prices and exchange rate issues.

4. The cost of raw materials accounts for a high share of the product price. Therefore, if the cost of raw materials can be reduced, it will have a great effect on increasing the profits of hardware enterprises. However, the general hardware profit is low, and it is a low value-added product. The raw materials of various products account for 70% of the product price. In the case of serious waste of materials, high logistics and storage costs, and late supply, the cost of hardware companies will increase significantly, squeezing their profit margins, not only making the entire production and operation lag, but also producing a large number of defective products.

Three elements of precision electronic stamping parts: At present, most of the automation equipment is used, so labor costs can be saved; due to the high stamping production efficiency, easy automation and mechanization, stamping equipment, stamping materials, stamping technology, dies and personnel can only cooperate with each other to take out stamping For parts, usually the stamping stroke can reach tens to hundreds of times per minute, and the high-precision stamping can also reach thousands of times. It is easy to produce and is generally achieved by stamping.

When producing precision electronic stamping parts, it is necessary to ensure the shape and size of the stamping parts, and customize the product mold so as not to damage the surface quality of the parts. In addition, the mold can be mass-produced, the quality is stable, and the parts can be copied, which is a good processing solution.

The above are the advantages of precision electronic stamping parts introduced by Zhejiang Balford Electromechanical Editor and everyone. I hope the above content will be helpful to everyone!

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