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What is Precision Metal Stamping?

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This process uses machines equipped with molds to convert sheet metal into custom shapes with extremely strict tolerances. The manufacturer can even use one stroke of the press to complete the workpiece, which is called a single-stage operation. More complex artifacts may require more than one stroke, which is called a series of operations. Precise metal stamping has flexibility and adaptability, which is particularly conducive to mass manufacturing. .

Its extremely high level of precision, even for complex parts, except for similar processing options in this process. Precision metal stamping machines allow manufacturers to perform micro stamping to produce complex micro parts. Even the smallest error can invalidate the final product. The precision and efficiency of the precision metal stamping process create high demand in industries from automotive to aerospace. .

Projects that use precision metal stamping usually start with computer modeling and virtually simulate the stamping process to check for errors or defects. Once this test is completed, the computer will send the design directly to the machine in an efficient process, reducing the chance of human error.

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