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The Importance of Stamping Parts for Automotive Pipe Supports

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There are many kinds of automobile pipeline stamping parts, which are generally used in the transmission system and steering system of automobiles. Its advantages lie in the specification of materials, high precision and relatively low cost.

The cold stamping process technology is widely used in the production of stamping parts for automobile pipeline brackets, which is suitable for many types of stamping parts in the automobile industry and requires large-scale production. In medium and heavy-duty vehicles, most of the supporting parts, such as the frame and carriage of large vehicles, are automotive stamping parts.

The steel mainly used for cold stamping is steel plate and steel strip, which accounts for 80% of the steel consumption of the whole vehicle. The production of cold stamping materials and automobile stamping parts is very close.

Usually a relatively high-strength steel plate is selected. The quality of the selected material not only determines the performance of a good product, but also directly affects the process design of our later automotive stamping process, the service cycle of the mold and the impact of the production process. To the quality, cost, service life and production organization of the product, it is an important and complicated task to reasonably select materials that are conducive to product performance. This material is usually also designed and evaluated in the initial design, taking into account the performance and required characteristics of different types of automotive products to ensure vehicle quality and performance.

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