Know some types of temperature sensors

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If the voltage difference is amplified, the device produces an analog signal that is proportional to the temperature.

Temperature sensor type:

Thermocouple Sensor

Thermistor Sensor

Resistance temperature detector


Infrared temperature sensor

Semiconductor-Based Sensors

Thermocouple Sensors –

A thermocouple sensor is a temperature measurement tool located on two different conductors that touch each other at one or more points. It produces a voltage when the temperature of one of the points is different from the reference temperature of one of the points and the reference temperature of the rest of the circuit.

Thermistor Sensor –

This type of sensor is widely used in body thermometers. If the temperature changes, so does the current or resistance.

Thermistors are instruments made of semiconductor materials whose resistivity is particularly sensitive to temperature.

The resistance of the thermistor decreases as the temperature increases, so when the temperature changes, the change in resistance can be monitored.

Resistance temperature detectors –

They are temperature sensors. Temperature sensors with resistors accumulate temperature changes that change the resistance value.

Resistance temperature detectors are used in the temperature range of -500c to 5000c for thin films and +2000c to 8500c for wirewound varieties. Thin-film (resistance temperature detector) elements have a thin layer of platinum on the underlying material. A new type of model was created, providing the circuit, and providing the specific resistance.

thermometer –

It is a device for measuring the temperature of any kind of solid or liquid, this alcohol is used in tubes that change volume by changing the temperature.

Its volume is proportional to temperature.

Infrared temperature sensor –

This is an electronic non-contact sensor that can be used to emit infrared radiation. IR temperature sensors on the market are I through the surface temperature that emits radiation. Its cost depends on its operation. Its accuracy level depends on its cost. In other words, low cost – low accuracy level and high cost – high accuracy level.

Semiconductor based sensors –

It operates under reverse bias with small capacitance and low leakage current. They are formed on thin silicon wafers. They are compact and produce linear output with a small temperature range. They also feature low cost and accurate tracking calibration.

          Semiconductor-based sensor types –

Voltage output

Current output

digital output

Resistive output

simple diode

Application of temperature sensor:

These are used in electric motors to measure motor winding temperature, bearing temperature, brush temperature.

These are cables used to measure the temperature inside the bench.

Used in mechanical engines to measure engine oil temperature and engine bearing temperature.

In the rubber, plastic, biomedical industries.

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