What should be paid attention to in the processing of precision stamping parts

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The five elements that must be paid attention to in the production of precision stamping parts are people, machines, materials, methods, and rings. To put it bluntly, they are people, machines, materials, methods, and environments. These five elements are very important for the processing of precision stamping parts. Next, the editor of Zhejiang Baifudu will make a specific introduction.

Five elements to pay attention to when machining precision stamping parts

1. Five elements that need to be paid attention to when processing precision stamping parts

1. People: Among the five major dangers, the quality depends on the mastery of people, the characteristics of civilization, personality, attention, spirit, eyesight, and mentality. A person who has not received training will undoubtedly make a poor quality product.

2. Equipment: the accuracy, reliability and durability of mechanical equipment. If our high-speed punching machine has poor precision, will the products we produce have many problems with poor appearance and specifications? The quality of the mold will be damaged.

3. Raw materials: The quality of incoming materials and their reliability will immediately jeopardize the quality of the product. As the saying goes: if you throw in by mistake, you don’t get out.

4. Method: The accuracy, consistency and reliability of production and processing methods.

5. Natural environment: The quality of the storage environment and the office environment will damage the quality of the goods and the mentality and fighting spirit of the staff. In a messy office environment, it is impossible to make good fine stamping parts.

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