What are the common materials in the production of stamping and drawing parts?

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1. Stainless steel stamping and drawing parts

Stainless steel tensile parts have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance. The tensile parts of this material do not require electroplating protection. It is suitable for heat treatment and is often used in fuel systems, braking systems, exhaust systems, oxidation sensors and decorative parts in automobile manufacturing.

2. Low carbon steel stamping and drawing parts

Low carbon steel has the characteristics of excellent formability, stable forming dimensions, high strength, and light weight (see material grade for details). It is often used in various parts in automobile manufacturing, especially high-strength mechanism parts.

3. Aluminum alloy stamping and drawing parts

The characteristics of aluminum alloy tensile parts are: light weight (almost 1/3 of low carbon steel), high strength, non-magnetic, stainless rust, anodized anti-corrosion, suitable for heat treatment, etc., and are often used in bulk in automobile manufacturing and other industries. devices, energy storage devices, beverage containers and the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Copper alloy tensile parts

Copper alloy drawing parts have the characteristics of stable forming dimensions, corrosion resistance, good ductility, and easy welding. The disadvantage is that they are easy to oxidize. Due to the high price of copper alloy materials, waste needs to be reduced and recycled if necessary.

The above is related to the processing materials of stamping and drawing parts. In general, the machining methods for machining parts from different materials will vary. Material properties and processing characteristics should be considered to avoid losses. Hope the above content is helpful to readers.

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