What are the tips for stainless steel sheet metal processing?

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When processing stainless steel sheet metal parts, in order to avoid debris from hurting people, the baffle should be lit in an appropriate position. When the surface of the workpiece needs to be polished with gauze, move the tool to a safe position and be careful not to let your hands and clothes touch the surface of the workpiece. When grinding the inner hole, don’t use your fingers to support the gauze, use a wooden stick instead, and don’t drive too fast.

Obstructs placing objects, fixtures or workpieces on the lathe bed and spindle gearbox. Be mindful when doing homework. Obstruct tired operation, chat operation, multi-person operation, drinking operation, smoking operation.

Adhere to the regularity of machine tools, tools, and operations, and do a good job of handover work. When cleaning the workplace after work, the power should be turned off, and various feed handles should be placed in a safe place. When turning workpieces with irregular shapes, a balance block should be installed, and the cutting should be carried out after trial rotation.

The tool clamping should be reliable, and the protruding part of the tool head should not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body. The shape and specification of the gasket under the tool should be consistent with the shape and specification of the cutter body, and the gasket should be as few and flat as possible.

In addition to installing measuring tools on the lathe that can be actively measured in operation, stop and move the tool holder to a safe position before measuring the workpiece. Ribbon chips and spiral long chips that occur during cutting should be removed with hooks in time to prevent hand pulling.

Wear work clothes, cuffs and safety glasses before work. Female workers should wear work caps, long hair in hair care caps, and operate with gloves.

When the chuck is loaded and unloaded on the spindle of the lathe, it must be carried out after the machine is stopped. The power of the motor must not be used to remove the chuck. Guards should be used for the protrusions of chucks, dials and core clamps that clamp the workpiece to avoid strangling clothing and other parts of the body. If there is no protective cover, care should be taken to adhere to the required interval during operation.

When clamping the workpiece with the top, it should be noted that the center of the tip is exactly the same as the center hole of the spindle. Sheet metal work must not use damaged or angled tips. Before use, the top should be cleaned, the center hole should be clean, and the tailstock tip should be firm. When cutting slender workpieces, in order to ensure operational safety and processing quality, a tracking tool rest or center rest should be selected, and a mobile protective cover and safety signs should be set.

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