What are the steps in the precision mold processing process?

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Therefore, not every enterprise can master the mold manufacturing methods and processes. When choosing a supplier, we must understand its processing capability, not only depends on the hardware equipment, but also combines the management level, processing experience and technical strength.

1. Design steps of precision mold processing technology?

1. Bottom processing, processing quality assurance,

2. Accurate billet benchmark, check two-dimensional, three-dimensional shape,

3. 2D, 3D surface rough processing, no need to install non-workpiece plane design (including safety platform surface, buffer mountable surface, pressure plate through plane, side datum) during the plane design process.

4. Find out the correct accuracy of the side datum before semi-finishing.

5. Semi-finishing 2D, 3D shape surfaces, finishing and various equipment are mounted on one side (including two limit block mounting surfaces and contact surfaces) mounting plate mounting surface and backrest, punch mounting surface, waste cutter mounting surface and The back and spring are responsible for the mounting surface and the contact surface, the working surface, the wedge mounting surface and the back surface are caused by the time limit of each project, and the semi-finishing each guide surface, guide hole, the remaining machining process design reference hole and height are used as the reference surface, and record information data.

6. Check the accuracy of the review processing technology.

7, fitter trimming process.

8. Before trimming, the datum surface of the process design datum hole should be aligned, and the allowance of the insert can be checked.

9. Finishing two-dimensional, three-dimensional, side punch and hole position, finishing process reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole.

10. Check and recheck the machining accuracy.

The above is the relevant content in the process of precision mold processing. For the same mold, different manufacturers sometimes have large price differences. Users should measure according to their own requirements. Hope this article can help you. If you need to make molds, welcome to consult.

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