What are the common materials for precision metal stamping dies?

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In the industry, hardware is generally divided into large and small hardware. Big hardware refers to steel plate, steel bar, flat iron, universal angle steel, channel iron, I-beam and various types of steel materials, while small hardware mainly refers to construction hardware, white iron sheet, lock nails, iron wire, steel wire mesh, wire scissors , household hardware, various tools, etc. As far as the nature and use of hardware are concerned, it should be divided into eight categories: steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, mechanical parts, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, work tools, construction hardware, and home hardware. There are also many varieties of hardware products. Relatively speaking, the difference in specifications is relatively large. It plays an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Choosing a good hardware mold processing factory can increase the processing accuracy and improve the use process. safety, while also increasing the service life.

The stamping materials often used in precision metal stamping processing include beryllium copper BECU, steel plate SK, phosphor bronze PB, tinplate SPTE, aluminum AL, stainless steel plate SUS, white copper NS, hot-rolled steel plate SECC, cold-rolled steel plate SPCC, etc. Moreover, the material of stamping metal stamping has good plasticity, and the bright band of our stamping products will be larger and the fracture band will be smaller.

Precision metal stamping parts can also be divided into various types according to industry, use and process characteristics. Next, the types of precision metal stamping parts are introduced as follows:

1. Auto parts: mainly include automotive structural parts, automotive functional parts, automotive lathe parts, automotive relays, etc.

2. Electronic parts: mainly include connecting devices, connectors, brush parts, electrical terminals, elastic parts, etc.

3. Appliance parts: It mainly includes major appliance parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, as well as small appliance parts, various structural parts and functional parts.

4. IC integrated circuit lead frame: mainly includes discrete device lead frame and integrated circuit lead frame.

5. Motor core: mainly includes single-phase series motor core, single-phase household motor core, single-phase shaded-pole motor core, permanent magnet DC motor core, industrial motor core, plastic-encapsulated stator core, etc.

6. Electrical iron core: It mainly includes E-shaped transformer core, EI-shaped transformer core, I-shaped transformer core, and other transformer cores.

7. Heat exchanger fins: mainly include industrial heat exchanger fins, household heat exchanger fins, automotive heat exchanger fins, etc.

8. Other parts: mainly include instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustic and camera parts, modern office parts, and daily hardware.

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