Why do precision metal molds have substandard products?

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1. Reasons for unqualified products of metal stamping parts

1. The product is unqualified due to the springback of the material. At this time, we can reduce the springback of the stamping parts through the following methods, use the stamping material with stable mechanical properties, increase the annealing process, and use the correction bending. The material should be de-fired before bending, and the cooled material should be softened before bending; if it is difficult to eliminate the deformation during the stamping process, the slope of the model should be adjusted at this time.

2. If there is a problem with the positioning of the strip due to the deformation and wear of the positioner, a new positioner must be replaced.

3. When adjusting the press, if the low position of the slider is not adjusted well, the bending parts are not qualified.

4. The pressing equipment of the mold does not have the function of pressing the material. It must be repaired or replaced with a new pressing spring or the pressing force must be adjusted.

5. After a long time of use, some parts of the mold are loose, which causes the position of the abrasive tool to change.

6. It may also be caused by the operator not using the mold as required.

The above is why there are unqualified metal stamping parts. I hope the above content can help readers.

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