How to choose precision metal mold materials?

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1. Meet the requirements of working conditions, such as wear resistance, alternating heat and cold, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance and toughness of materials. Generally, the higher the hardness of the mold parts, the better the wear resistance. In order to prevent the mold from breaking suddenly, the flexibility of the mold needs to be increased. During repeated heating and cooling, the mold deforms and changes the dimensions of the product to such an extent that the function of the mold is no longer effective.

2. Meet the process performance requirements. In order to ensure the quality after deep processing and finishing, and reduce the production cost, the most suitable materials should be selected in the production process to meet the technological requirements. Finally, to meet the needs of the economy, while meeting the service performance requirements, try to save costs as much as possible, and try not to use imported materials when domestic materials can be used.

The above is the editor of Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical to introduce the methods and methods of selecting precision metal mold materials, so everyone can use a lot in selection and use.

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