What is the cause of the bending of the material during the mold processing?

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In daily life, mold processing is easy to see. Many items and equipment require a tooling process to complete. Mold processing involves many industries, so the quality of mold processing is very important. During the customization process, a series of situations may arise. In fact, one of the phenomena we face is bending and deformation in mold processing. Then, throughout the machining process, the performance of the tooling and equipment should be considered in addition to the final requirements or installation. In this case, we need to consider the mold processing technology more. Why does the material bend during tooling?

1. Mould

In the mold customization process, if this happens, it is basically possible that the door is not positioned properly or the quantity is insufficient, or the position of the top product is inconsistent.

2. Technology

If the element has more technical aspects, for example a particularly high longitudinal line temperature can be considered during the molding process, or a special injection pressure can be considered during the molding process, as well as some other injection molding with shorter holding and cooling times. Good manufacturers basically give us more protection during processing. As it stands, if we really want to do custom processing, we have to consider additional processing issues. To the extent that this actual machining process requires more powerful handling systems and handling equipment, it can continue to be used.

3. Raw materials

In the actual processing process, all raw materials will affect the final cleanliness and will cause the deformation of the whole product. Due to the rework of raw materials, if it is not clean enough, or in the process of mold processing customization, its cleanliness will be different, and certain errors will occur during the processing process. Although the product is small, there are still a series of effects in the original processing process. Therefore, raw materials It is an important link in the cleaning and processing process, which must be paid attention to, because these small mistakes often determine the final success or failure of the entire mold processing.

Fourth, product design

Each product has its own unique design style in the mold design. This is due to its different processing requirements, so their product design requirements are different, but the product design is different due to different process requirements, so the processing thickness of the product or the overall partial design will be different. There are differences, so it is more reasonable to change the protrusion thickness, so in this case, the product structure needs to be considered.

In the process of mold processing, under the existing circumstances, if it is to be processed, it can be divided into different plastics for processing. Due to the different materials required for the required mold, the protective effect of the final treatment is also different. Of course, the mold is customized according to the working hours. Once the deformation is sufficient, it needs to be organized and reduced to a reasonable size before final processing to reduce the possibility of thermal decomposition.

Regarding the content of mold processing above, we consider the actual situation in the processing process. When bending and deforming, we must first adjust to achieve a reasonable processing state. Hope the above content can help readers.

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