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In the processing industry, molds are indispensable equipment, and different processing industries choose different molds. Metal stamping dies and plastic processing dies are widely used in industrial production. As for the difference between them, many people will say that metal stamping dies are made of metal, and plastic processing dies are made of plastic. What is the essential difference between metal mold and plastic mold? What are their main areas of application? To understand the difference between the two, we must first understand what is a metal stamping die and what is a plastic die.

1. The difference between metal mold and plastic mold

1. Metal molds refer to stamping parts processed by using various presses and special tools in industrial production to process metal materials according to the shape required by the finished product. This special tool is often called a metal mold.

2. Plastic mold is a combination of plastic molds, which can be used for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low plastic, and can be used as mold punch, die and auxiliary molding system. A range of plastic products that can be processed in various shapes and sizes.

3. From the perspective of the role of the mold, the metal mold is a mass production tool for metal products. The materials used are generally iron or copper or aluminum, the plastic molds are plastic products, and the raw materials used are also plastic raw materials.

4. The most fundamental difference between metal molds and plastic molds is the structure of the molds. Plastic molds have cooling systems, but metal molds do not. The molding principle of the product is also different. The plastic mold is cooled and formed after injection molding, and the metal mold is punched into a standard thickness steel plate.

5. Hardware molds and plastic molds are made of steel. Stamping metal molds generally use cold steel. If it is a pressure injection mold, hot-working steel is required. The plastic mold is generally hot-working steel. The mold is more complicated. Mold) There is no gating system and cooling system, which can be understood as: plastic mold processing is to cool plastic flow into the cavity in a closed space for cooling and forming.

Second, the metal stamping die has the following advantages

Due to the use of mold processing, metal stamping parts that cannot or are difficult to manufacture by other processing methods, are thin-walled, lightweight, have good rigidity, good surface quality and complex shapes can be obtained. The dimensional accuracy of the blanked parts is guaranteed by the mold, and the characteristics are exactly the same, so the general press can produce dozens of parts per minute, while the high-speed press can produce hundreds of parts per minute. Therefore, it is an efficient processing method.

3. Plastic processing molds have the following advantages

Plastic molds have high tolerances, low repetitive labor costs, and can use a variety of materials. The waste loss is far less than that of metal molds, and there is no need to continue to improve parts after plastic molds are formed.

The above is the relevant content of metal stamping dies and plastic dies. These two molds are suitable for different industries and different processing requirements, so the production methods of the molds will also be different. I hope the above will be helpful to readers.

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