What is the structure of metal stamping die?

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1. Structure of metal stamping die

The structure of metal stamping die can generally be divided into upper die and lower die. The upper die is composed of a die handle (punch handle), a guide sleeve, a punch, a backing plate, a fixing plate, a screw, a pin, an upper die seat (upper support), and a stripping plate. The lower die is generally composed of a lower die base, a guide plate (side guide plate), a concave die, a baffle plate, a material bearing plate, a guide post, a screw and a pin.

1. The above is an ordinary blanking die, the product is a rectangle with three small round holes punched in the middle;

2. The blanking and punching composite punch is a cuboid, and its function is to blank and remove the shape of the product from the material. The blanking and punching compound punch is also surrounded by knife edges, which are equivalent to punches, so these four sides cannot be chamfered. There are three small round holes in the middle of the blanking and punching compound punch. These three small round holes belong to the knife edge. That is, punch out the three round holes in the middle of the product.

3. There is a square hole in the middle of the concave template, which belongs to the knife edge. The blanking punching compound punch is used as a punch to punch out the shape of the product; The inner unloading plate, marked as “unloading block” in the picture, actually means the same thing. The function of the unloading block is to push the product out of the concave formwork; After the material is pressed, punch the three small round holes in the middle.

4. The “top-type punch” marked in the picture is actually a punch, which punches out the three small round holes on the intermediate product with the three circular knife edges on the blanking punching compound punch.

5. The function of the “fixed key” on the bottom plate of the lower die is to fix the blanking punching composite punch, so as to prevent it from jumping out of the die with the upward movement of the die, resulting in an accident.

6. The “discharge plate” marked on the lower die is commonly known as external release. Its function is to release the punched waste from the blanking punching compound punch, so as to prevent the waste from being stuck on the blanking punching compound punch.

2. What are the categories of metal stamping dies?

Stamping die parts are usually divided into two categories, one is process parts, which directly participate in the completion of the process and have direct contact with the blank. Contact only plays a role in guaranteeing the completion of the process of the mold, or perfecting the function of the mold, including guiding parts, fastening parts, standard parts and other parts. It should be pointed out that not all dies have the above-mentioned six parts, especially single-process dies, but working parts and necessary fixed parts are indispensable.

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