What performance should metal stamping die processing have?

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Metal stamping die processing should have the following properties:

Forgeability: low hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide temperature range, low tendency for forging cracking, cold cracking and network carbide separation.

Cutting technology: large cutting amount, small tool loss, and low surface roughness.

Processability: The spheroidizing annealing temperature range is wide, the annealing hardness is low, the disturbance generated is small, and the spheroidization rate is high.

Hardening: case hardening, case hardening, uniform surface hardness.

Hardening: After hardening, a deeper hardened layer can be obtained, and a mild quenching medium can be selected for hardening.

Abrasiveness: The relative loss of the grinding wheel is small, the limit of grinding without ablation is large, and it is not sensitive to the quality of the grinding wheel and cooling conditions, and the grinding fine blanking die will not be worn and cracked.

Oxidation method. Sensitivity to decarburization: At high temperature, the antioxidant absorber is good, the decarburization rate is slow, it is not sensitive to the heating medium, and pitting is easy to occur.

Casting mold manufacturing to go through cutting, heat treatment and other processes. The craftsmanship is difficult, the requirements for production materials are high, and good processing performance is required to ensure that the manufacturing of Seiko metal stamping dies has no process defects and stable quality.

Precautions for the selection of metal stamping parts:

1. There are many kinds of steel plate specifications, whether it is a fixed plate or a coil plate, the sales price is also different for the same material, thick material and different coil width. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, it is necessary to work hard on the setting of the purchase volume, and on the premise of ensuring the utilization rate of materials, try to choose a roll width range that does not increase the price. If you try to choose the appropriate size for the fixed-length plate, it is not necessary to carry out secondary cutting after cutting from the steel mill, so as to reduce the shearing cost; work efficiency.

2. The thickness of the plate has deviation requirements, generally within the allowable range of deviation, first select the plate with smaller deviation.

3. Determining the shape and size of the stamping parts display board is the premise of analyzing the deformation degree of the stamping parts, the design process and the preparation of the process specification. If the shape of the sheet is appropriate, not only the uneven distribution of the sheet along the sheet can be significantly improved, but also the forming can be improved, the height of the lug can be reduced, and the trimming allowance can be reduced. In addition, for some parts that are directly formed, if the shape and size of the sheet metal can be given, the number of mold adjustments can be reduced, thereby shortening the production cycle and improving productivity.

4. When selecting materials for product design, avoid excessive product performance due to the selection of high-grade materials. At the same time, under the premise of meeting product and process requirements, try to choose the materials and thick materials used in the existing mass-produced models to form a material platform to facilitate subsequent procurement and inventory management. For example, the main performance requirement of general cold-rolled sheet is tensile performance, so in the case of consistent product quality, try to choose low-specification materials. And in the selection of material thickness, in addition to considering the strength and weight after molding, we should also pay attention to the flatness of the material thickness. Due to the special thickness of raw materials, it is difficult and expensive for suppliers to supply.

The above is related to the selection of metal stamping dies and materials. For the processing of metal stamping parts, the shape of the stamping parts should be simple and the structure should be reasonable. In order to make the structure of the abrasive tool simple, our purpose is to use fewer and simple stamping parts for processing, which is beneficial to the stamping operation, not only can improve labor productivity, but also facilitate the organization and production of stamping parts, which is conducive to mechanized and automated production. Hope the above content can be helpful to readers.

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