What are the maintenance methods of hardware drawing molds?

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1. Maintenance method of metal drawing die

The punch of the metal drawing die is relatively less frequently repaired, and it is broken due to failure. Therefore, in order to ensure that the metal drawing die has sufficient rigidity, the die and the unloading plate should be guided by the small guide posts on the four fixed punch fixing plates to ensure the uniformity of the punch gap, and multiple small punch guides. , The discharge screw on the discharge plate should adopt the same height sleeve to ensure the smooth punching.

The bottom of the effective cutting edge of the concave die is completely hollowed out or vacuum adsorption is used to ensure smooth discharge of punching waste; in addition, the punch edge of the metal drawing die should be ground regularly to ensure its sharpness; when the metal drawing die is not in use , You should apply anti-rust oil to the working part in time, but it should be noted that when you use the hardware stretching mold next time, you should first clean it, and then use oil-absorbing paper to test the flushing until the oil is absorbed cleanly, otherwise it will affect the plating quality. When moving the metal drawing die, it should be light, steady and slow to avoid shock and severe vibration. When storing, there should be a fixed position to control the air humidity, and it should not be placed directly on the shelf or metal stretching die.

The above are the two brothers’ methods for the maintenance of metal stretching molds. Correct use and maintenance can not only guarantee the service life of the metal drawing die, but also the quality of the final product. Therefore, it is still very necessary. If you have any questions about the maintenance of metal drawing dies, you can consult our manufacturers!

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