How to solve the stamping problem of electric vehicle stamping parts

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The die set can be dismantled in time to check the abnormal cause of imprinting. It is verified from the consistency of the lower plane of the ejector pin and the die, and the rigidity of the lower backing plate and the lower bottom plate. It is found that the cause of the imprinting on the surface of the part is the concave The height of the mold and the push block is inconsistent. The source is that the backing plate has no hardness, and it sags after mass production, resulting in imprinting problems.

The imprint on the stamping part is caused by the protruding part of the part of the stamping die that should not be raised, and the raised part should be ground or replaced.

First of all, find the cause and location of the imprinting, and then blow the iron filings away with the blowing nozzle in the place where iron filings are likely to be generated, and check whether the mold blade is unhappy and causes too much iron filings. In addition, check it frequently during operation. , to see if there is an embossing.

The main reason for this anomaly is that the die set did not heat the die pad, and it was handed over to the responsible department for rectification. After rectification, the bottom-cutting problem solved the root cause of the imprinting problem.

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