How to choose metal working fluid for automotive metal stamping parts?

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1. Stamping equipment in the automotive industry

In addition to thick plate hydraulic press forming, stamping equipment generally uses mechanical presses. Centered on a modern high-speed multi-station mechanical press, equipped with uncoiling, leveling, finished product collection, transportation, mold library, and rapid mold changing devices, controlled by computer programs, it can form an automatic stamping production line with high production efficiency.

2. Introduction of metal stamping parts stamping products

Stamping has a wide range of applications. 60-70% of the world’s steel is sheet metal, most of which is made by stamping. Automobile body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator sheet, boiler drum, container shell, iron core and silicon steel sheet of motor and electrical appliances are all stamped.

The metal stamping process in the automotive industry includes mold manufacturing, sheet cutting, and subsequent processes including cleaning, rust prevention, and surface treatment. There are many types of oils involved, such as rail oil, cutting fluid, cutting oil, cleaning agent, anti-rust oil, high temperature grease, etc. The metal stamping parts processing manufacturer “Baifudu Electromechanical” recommends to you that the oil products used for metal stamping parts mainly include hydraulic oil (HM46, HM68), cutting fluid (SCC618A, SCC638), stamping oil (oily, volatile such as BT -17 Stamping and stretching oil. BT-17 stamping and stretching oil is based on refined mineral oil, compounded with various special additives such as extreme pressure, oiliness and rust prevention. It has good lubricity and extreme pressure resistance. Abrasion, rust resistance and oxidation stability, etc. It can effectively protect the mold and meet the stamping and drawing process requirements of stainless steel and carbon steel and other steel plates) and so on.

3. What is metalworking fluid

Metalworking fluids are mainly liquids for metalworking, which play the role of lubrication and cooling, as well as anti-rust cleaning and other functions.

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Metalworking fluids can be roughly divided into 4 types: pure oil, soluble oil, synthetic fluid and semi-synthetic fluid:

1. The oil content of 90%~95% is pure oil metalworking fluid.

2. Emulsified metalworking fluids with a mineral oil content of more than 50%.

3. Mineral oil content of 5% to 50% is a semi-synthetic metal working fluid.

4. The one that does not contain mineral oil is a fully synthetic metal working fluid. The latter 3 are also commonly referred to as water-based metalworking fluids.

There are also many types of processing fluids

Metalworking fluids generally include cutting fluid, cutting oil, emulsion, stamping oil, quenching oil, quenching agent, high temperature oil, extreme pressure cutting fluid, grinding fluid, antirust oil, cleaning agent, blackening agent, deep drawing oil, thickener etc. Environmentally friendly synthetic fluids are the general direction of future development of metalworking fluids.

Well, the above is the relevant content of how to choose metal working fluid for automotive metal stamping parts, I hope it can be helpful to readers.

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