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Sheet metal processing electronic chassis cabinet cleaning method

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Most customers have encountered the situation that the electronic chassis cabinet becomes dirty, so how should we clean it effectively? Today, the editor of Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical will give you a brief introduction.

1. Cleaning method of sheet metal processing electronic chassis cabinet

Primer: Fills the sand marks and micropores on the bottom layer of the workpiece, increases the adhesion of the underlying coating, and also has the function of defect indication.

Topcoat: Topcoat is divided into single-layer paint and multi-layer paint, which is the color-determining layer and decorative protective layer. Single-layer paint is commonly known as plain paint, also known as ordinary paint, and one layer can be completed. Talking about sheet metal processing multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and pearl series paint, divided into two-layer and multi-layer construction technology. The silver powder paint is made of special aluminum material, which has high protection, strong outdoor stability and strong observability. Pearl series paint is made of high-tech materials such as mica flakes and shells. It is a high-grade paint with rich colors and strong decoration.

Some topcoats have a very high spray quality. It is really easy to achieve clean, plump, bright, non-sagging, non-hanging, uniform luster, no leakage, no spraying, good leveling, no bottom bite, no impetuous, no color cast. It requires extensive experience and problem-solving skills.

Intermediate primer: a very important coating part, prepare a complete and smooth working surface for the topcoat, complete the next process of the primer work, increase the adhesion of the intermediate layer, and have an isolation effect, thereby ensuring the quality stability of the topcoat.

There should be a gap between the equipment, which is conducive to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the equipment. For precision sheet metal processing, some gaps should be left on the top of the equipment on the higher layer, so that the fan can be replaced in the future for better heat dissipation. Taller cabinets can hold more equipment, thus saving more space. After you have designed the cabinets you need to use later, reserve some spare space, because once the cabinets are purchased and installed, there will often be some additional equipment. There is no extra space for system expansion, and then it will be a headache.

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