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What is stamping process?

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deep drawing Staff answered 9 years ago

From a small metal part or a deep drawn metal part to a complex assembly, Balford Tool & Die has the expertise and the metal stamping facilities to produce your metal component project, with a diversified capability for size, material or complexity.
Customer Project Review:
The metal stamping process starts with our design review meeting and continues with:
Discussion of customer and internal quality requirements
Development of a process flow for governing the project
Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
Simulation and development of part prototype if necessary to ensure a robust design and manufacturability
Tool & Die Services:
From there, we start the process of complete tooling for the metal part and review of the tooling through short- and long-term capability studies. If necessary, we will re-tool or make engineering changes to your current design.
metal stamping Production:
Once your metal part is ready for production, we move on to one of our 100 metal presses, ranging from 5 ton to 330 tons.
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