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Possible causes of metal stamping die cracking

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stamping die is a necessary condition for metal stamping parts processing. A good metal stamping die is beneficial in all aspects, such as service life, product quality, production efficiency, etc. In the process of stamping, the problem of die cracking will occur. Now, Zhejiang Yiwei Precision, a stamping parts manufacturer with 36 years of experience, will introduce the possible causes of metal stamping die cracking.

  1. Poor mold design scheme and stamping process design

The compressive strength of the metal stamping die is insufficient, the knife edge spacing is too close, the die design is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is insufficient, and there is no cushion block.

  1. Poor blanking during metal stamping production and processing

There is no demagnetization solution and no return tip before metal stamping production; There are broken needles, broken springs and other materials stuck in the production process; There is no leakage hole when assembling the mold, which will cause poor blanking.

  1. Poor quenching and tempering of mold materials

Deformation caused by poor heat treatment and quenching process.

  1. Improper wire cutting

The metal stamping die tooth surface is mostly processed by wire cutting. Due to its thermoelectric effect and electrolysis effect, the surface layer appears mildewed layer, which leads to the reduction of surface layer strength, cracks, etc., leading to early damage of metal stamping dies processed by wire cutting. Therefore, effective electrical specifications should be selected to avoid the deep layer of mildewed layer as much as possible.

  1. Unreasonable selection of stamping equipment

Tonnage of high-speed punch, insufficient cold punching pressure, and too deep die setting. The precision and stiffness of stamping machine tools are very important to the service life of stamping dies.

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