Zhejiang Balford Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. focus on difficult stamping & deep drawing. Main product: motor housing and difficult custom deep drawn stampings.

metal stampings

China Zhejiang Balford Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. offers Precision Metal Stampings of tight-tolerance, light-gauge metal components, sheet metal parts.

  • Low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass
  • Solve your stamp metal service need
  • We specialize in custom components
  • We have the expertise, experience, and talent for your choice.

You have a component that appears difficult to stamp? We shall be pleased to provide advice and join you in looking for optimal and low-cost solutions, no matter whether high-precision stamping with combined massive forming and integrated assembling and joining technique, or the production of high-volume components at optimal cost is what you want. We shall be happy to be your partner from the development stage to production start.

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